[Release] 3DS Game Needed For smea’s SSSPWN Hack


3DS Developer @smealum has just announced the name of the game required to exploit the device to install a homebrew-esque channel onto your 3DS much like the Wii’s Homebrew Channel. The Game is Cubic Ninja and you can pick it up on Amazon for under $10 new. UPDATE: USED COPIES OF CUBIC NINJA HAVE ALREADY DOUBLED IN PRICE AND PRICES KEEP RISING! EXPECT THIS GAME TO SELL OUT FAST AND BE LISTED ON EBAY FOR INSANE AMOUNTS OF MONEY! AS MORE RETAILERS REALIZE THE WORTH OF THIS GAME PRICES WILL SKYROCKET! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN, NEW ON AMAZON FOR $10! Thanks for something useful Ubisoft! XD

smealum has announced that the exploit files and instructions on how to launch his homebrew enabler SSSPWN will be released this Saturday, November 22nd. So for now, BUY THIS GAME NOW IF YOU WANT TO EXPLOIT YOUR 3DS! Odds are the price will probably jump from around $5 to $50 overnight.


Keep it tuned here for further updates/faqs/and files needed for this awesome 3DS development…

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Source: @smealum on Twitter

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