Team Rebug, back from the grave?


If you are into the PS3 scene, you must have heard of Team Rebug and their famous Rebug CFW for the PS3. Their aim was (and we hope still is) to bring us a full Debug functionality to our Retail PS3 consoles, hence the name.


After giving us such great firmwares and unlocking various debug features, they vanished from the face of the earth with their latest 4.46.1 firmware updated on August, 2nd 2013.

On August 2014, an unfinished Rebug firmware surfaced, which was Rebug 4.53.1 with Cobra 7.0.1 functionality. It had some bugs which weren’t ironed out, so the quality was not up to par with what we used to get from Team Rebug.

garyOPA from Maxconsole is giving us good news that Team Rebug will return, better than ever with 2 new devs. Let’s hope the news is true, and we can get Rebug 4.65 soon for the PS3.

Original Quote:

“Team Rebug would also like everyone to know they have recently expanded and added two new long-time scene developers to their fold, so stay tuned as updates, and more news will be coming out soon from them over the next few weeks.”

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