2 Player Arcade fun with CPS1/CPS2 & Neo-GEO on your Playstation TV (requires PSP Go)


I know you all like playing your favorite arcade games on your Playstation/Vita TV with TN-V. Well, I don’t blame you. Who doesn’t like sitting on the couch with a Dualshock 3 in your hand and looking at your state-of-art 55″ HDTV screen and having a blast?

Well, that is great, but as we all know, most of the arcade fun comes from a 2 Player experience. Well, I’m here to give you just that, you will need a PSP Go though.

You will need:

  • A PlayStation/Vita TV
  • A PSP Go
  • 2 Dualshock 3 controllers or 1 Dualshock 3 and 1 Dualshock 4 controller
  • A Playstation 3 (optional for pairing DS3 to PSP Go)

The idea is to pair your Dualshocks with Playstation Tv and PSP Go. After that, by using the Ad-Hoc mode on your favorite emulator, you can enable the 2 player mode and use your TV for display.

Let’s get this done, on your PS TV. You just need to pair your Dual-shock 3/Dual-shock 4 to your PS TV. As you can’t use your PS TV without this step, I can safely assume you already did this.


Now on to your PSP Go, just pair your Dual-shock 3 to your PSP Go and if you have a PS3(optional)

1. Settings > Bluetooth Device Settings > Bluetooth® Connection, Turn it ON to enable Bluetooth

2. Settings > Bluetooth Device Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices > Register New Device > Register a PS3 System Controller

Just follow the on-screen tutorial as it is simple enough.

If you don’t have a PS3 you can use this guide to pair your DS3 to your PSP GO on your PC via motioninjoy. www.motioninjoy.com/wiki/en/help/pspgo-ds3-pair and if you plan to use the same DS3 on multiple devices, use this great app called Better DS3 by Suloku to make the re-pair process easy. http://betterds3.ciebiera.net

Well, now that the pairing is done, let’s get to the real thing.


I tried this on MVSPSP (neo-geo emulator), CPS2PSP (Capcom CPS2 emulator), CPS1PSP (Capcom CPS1 emulator). Though the process should be same on other adhoc-supporting emulators.

Here are the downloads links for the emulators.


These versions are modded so that emulator won’t complain that non-existing wireless is switched off on your PS TV when you start ad-hoc mode. After you get your emulators installed on both of your devices, start the emulator on both. Be sure that wireless is enabled on your PS TV settings and wireless switch is On for the PSP Go. Also connect your DS3 to your PSP Go by holding the PS button on your controller. Navigate to the game you want to start. For MVSPSP, CPS2PSP and CPS1PSP, press Square and you will be prompted as “Start emulation. (AdHoc)”. Press Circle to accept. After loading the game, both devices will search for nearby ad-hoc devices and connect to lobby.

After they find each other press Circle again on the device, which you want to be first client (2nd Player), and press Circle on the other device (1st Player) then to accept and go into the game. Process might be different on other ad-hoc enabled emulators, but the main idea is the same.


Now you can sit together on your coach and enjoy your arcade gaming on your TV with good controllers.


It is advised to turn the screen off on your PSP Go, by holding the screen button for about 1 second. You won’t be using it anyway. Also keep your PSP Go on the charger as Bluetooth and adhoc connection at the same time as it will drain your battery fast.


I hope you share your own experiences in the comment section below.


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  1. Is there any chance of a fix/workaround that doesn’t involve additional hardware? Possibly Playstation TV specific emulators? Sony says it can support up to 4 controllers.

    • Most of the Emulator will need to be rewritten to support 4 controllers

    • Instead of a PSP go, you can always use an additional Playstation/Vita TV, PSP or Vita. If you use PSP or Vita, you have to use your PSP/Vita as your controller, because you can’t pair a Dualshock to them. These emulators i linked support 3-player too (as long as you have another device), but no support for 4-player.

      What you want (up to 4 player multiplayer without additional device) isn’t possible for now, but probably will be possible when we can have native homebrew on Vita.

  2. Both mvs and cp2 emualtors are now working with adhoc mode enabled for two players! This is a excellent mod by whoever did this. And great job on the tutorial, reprep. Thanks a lot for sharing this!