Leaked PS4 Activated Testing Kit Files, with HDD, ATF and LevelEditor

The Playstation 4 scene has had some interesting developments happen lately with homebrew running via blu-ray and now thanks to Robert Sebov, we have a leaked SDK testing kit files. It’s one of the largest Dev / Testing kits for the Playstation 4  (DUH-DUH-D1000AA DevKit and T1000AA Testing Kit).


The Authoring Tools Framework (ATF) and the LevelEditor for the PlayStation 4 were released earlier this month. I would recommend you follow the author Robert Sebo on Twitter or Facebook to keep you updated. So if your curious and want to take a look, here are the files.

Download:  SN Systems + .pup
Download: ATF & LevelEditor
Download:  Activated Testing Kit / HDD

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  1. Hello
    i have a blu ray writer.the brand is pioneer. i want to see into the game of play station’s blur ay in computer, but it was nothing in my blu ray device. is there any way to see ino the blu ray.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi guys! here is a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo with some giveaway for people to will support it, and includes some cool stuff like PS3 and PS4 Testing Kits which I was selling and testing on scedev.net page on facebook time ago 😉
    Would be nice if you can share this project! thanks! 🙂

    Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/welcome-to-20yearsofplay