Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors, will it sell over a million copies?


Well it looks like Tecmo Koei is hoping to sell more than a million copy’s of Hyrule Warriors all over the world. This is the mission statement of president Yoichi Erikawa, in which he hopes to capitalize on the popularity of “The Legend of Zelda” brand, even for export outside the borders of the Japanese Dynasty Warriors series.

“There are a lot of fans, of the Dynasty Warriors series and The Legend of Zelda of Nintendo. These game series are a huge in popularity and also has a large fanbase. Erikawa said in an interview at the Nikkei Trendy. He thinks that this will come to play in a large new market.”There’s a legion of fans for The Legend of Zelda in foreign lands, we believe that it will sell more than a million copies around the world.”




Hyrule Warriors will be among the protagonists (as usual, sui generis) at next E3 2014 Nintendo. Personally I’m a big fan of the Dynasty warriors series and based on the videos and photos, I expect this game product will make very happy fans for both sides.

Here’s the trailer of the footage.(Wii U – Hyrule Warriors Teaser Trailer)

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