TN-V Savestate plugin coming soon..

Total_Noob has been working on the savestate plugin for his masterpiece TN-V. So if you’re unfamiliar with the savestate plugin, it allows you to save your whole game and load it anytime and anywhere in the game.Pretty cool if you ask me!

Even if you’re on one game you can load up another game and it will bring you right to any game you choose to play. This will work on both version of TN-V, (64 or 32 memory). So if you hate waiting to get to that point in a game just to save or messed up along the way this plugin is for you. Total_Noob savestate plugin will be release soon, so be patient as he tweaks it a little more. Check out my video of it working here.

All Total_Noob’s work is voluntary and non-profit. So if you want to support him you can donate a small amount of money. To show that you are grateful for all the stuff he has done for the psp/psvita scene, because without him you could not enjoy so many thing that sony has denied you of..

Click here to donate to Total_Noob 

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