TN-V ported to Jewel Keepers for 2.61fw and lower.

Well qwikrazor87, is still at it and has ported over Jewel Keepers US/EU to TN-V. Which “ONLY” works on 2.61fw and lower. So if you still have a psvita on lower firmware, this is another game that can use TN-V. You will need to use the open cma trick and your PS3 to get this on your psvita if you would like to use this exploit. So if you’re new to the scene, here is a youtube video of open cma trick with the PS3 and PSvita. If you would like to update your psvita firmware manually check out this link here: Lower psvita Firmware Gudie 


Dowanload: Jewel Keepers US/EU 



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