Announcing the Spider X360 Drive PCBoard

We got news today for new kind of replacement board for Xbox 360 Slim called ‘Spider X360’ which enable usage of burned ‘backups’ similar to the TX LTU2 boards

We recently got a short PR from SpiderX team, in regard to their new replacement board for Xbox 360 Slim owners:


* This Drive Board provides the option to run DVD backups of your owned games.
* You’ll able to play all your backups (XGD1, XGD2, XGD3 Xbox and Xbox 360 DVD formats) even on Live
* Compatible with Lite-ON DG16D5S or Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502!!!

And here is couple of screenshots showing you how the PCBoard fits in place:



For more info, check out their official site linked below.

Official Site: SpiderX360

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