Amazon Japan Reports: All PS Vita TV Pre-Orders Are Taken


Both the Standard and Value packs are all snapped up

The PS Vita TV was Sony’s shock announcement of its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference and marks the company’s entry into the burgeoning micro-console arena.

The new system has clearly been a hit with consumers, as Amazon Japan is reporting that it has completely sold out of its allocation of pre-order stock. Both the Value and Standard bundles are now all accounted for.

The system doesn’t launch in Japan until November 14th, and although a western release is expected, Sony hasn’t confirmed exactly when it will happen.

It’s able to run PS Vita games and remotely play PS4 titles, the PS Vita TV is compact and cheap, and could rain on the parade of the many Android-based micro-consoles which are hitting the market right now.

Also with Gaikai rolling out next year, it will be interesting to see if Sony has any plans to integrate the PS Vita TV with the cloud-based network–and what options it will afford if so.

Vita TV Amazon Japan sells out pre orders for Sonys new PS Vita TV


Sony’s new micro-console is slated to release on Nov. 14, 2013 in Japan for a price point of 9480 yen ($100) with a value pack offering retailing around 14994 yen ($150). No firm release information has been revealed regarding when the PS Vita TV will make its way to the rest of the world.

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