PS Vita: Exploits for firmware 2.60

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Cosimo98  has made post on  ps3mod revealing the latest exploitable game to get VHBL running on PS Vita firmware 2.60. The game’s are Arcade Darts, Arcade Pool (a.k.a Arcade Pool & Snooker in EU), World of Pool, and Arcade Airhockey & bowling  so you better get these ones quick before Sony removes them.  We can confirm that Arcade Darts exploit is real. Acid_Snake’s carefully crafted release ruined by some kids looking for fame..



We’re releasing a new USERMODE exploit for PSVita. We discussed it for a long time and now that Sony has released the FW 2.60, it’s time to reveal what we have worked so far. As it turned out, our exploits still work great even on FW 2.60 and we want you too can take advantage of the homebrew PSP-mode even after this update.

The exploit is type USERMODE, as has already been said, so there is no way to run ISO / eCFW / Homebrew Plugin or that require access to the kernel. E ‘can, however, use Homebrew that do not require kernel mode. This means they can be started all emulators, homebrew games and any other app that calls functions reserved to the system.

At present we know that the following homebrew do not work:

  • Daedalus x64> Operates an old version that will link to the release
  • PSPFiler
  • Snes9xTyL

The game that you download from the PSN is the Following: DARTS ARCADE (European version) -> € 2.99 on the PS Store Game ID: NPEZ00053

The Save to run the Hack will be released soon in order to give everyone time to download the game from the PSN. You will also be given guidance on how to use the Save Hack. Finally, I want to remember that the money you spend on the PSN go to Sony, and that we do not get a penny laundry.

Not the U.S. for EU AD Download link:

U.S. download link.. VHBL For Arcade Darts 


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  1. why still keeping the hacked save from everyone?
    … cuz i got it already 😀