NVIDIA® SHIELD™ is now shipping


The games you love, now can go anywhere the way you want them too. You can play the latest console-quality Android games and stream them from your Pc games over your home area network. Plus if you have the right VIDIA, video card you can use steam to use a remote play like option. So now you can get your hands on the most powerful handheld out there. It’s power by the worlds fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA TEGRA 4.

Plus you can get all your entertainment needs on the go with all your favorite music, movies or ebook and many more. The shield in a 100% Android and come with the latest jelly bean operating system. So you can access thousands of great games and apps with the Google play store. So everything you want your android to do is now possible. 

You can buy it at  NVIDIA.com  Newegg.com