Cobra ODE Hardware – The Wait is Over for the PS3


What is Cobra? Cobra ODE is the optical drive emulator for PS3. In the past Cobra Team brought groundbreaking features and unparalleled support to the PS3 scene with its Cobra USB dongle. Now we’re back with the Cobra Optical Drive Emulator for PS3. Run game and movie ISO’s from any PS3* without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. This brings freedom of choice for the SEN, original games and functionality of the Cobra ODE without hassle or complication. A switch allows user to toggle between use of the original BD drive or the emulator. Check out the features!

Cobra ODE has been radically enhanced prior to release! We are now entering production phase and stocks will reach the market soon. Please enjoy the high resolution and standard resolution videos which demonstrate Cobra ODE running on the following consoles:

 High-Res: FAT /// SD: FAT

High-Res: 2K5 /// SD: 2K5
High-Res: 4K /// SD: 4K

Homebrew and PS3 ISO’s can now be run from any OFW PS3, including 2k5, 3K and 4K!

So check them out if you want to know more.

And you can buy it here:

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