Listen to your music without all the wires.

Do you own a Bluetooth headset or speaker box and your phone or tablet doesn’t have a rerouting sound app for Bluetooth? Well I have 3 great apps for you. All these applications will do is reroute sound to your Bluetooth and you can even hear your text messages. While you’re driving your car, taking a jog, working with your hands, etc… and you don’t have to worry about no wires or mess. The first one is called BT mono now what I like about this application the most. Is that it works for most all Android phones. Sometimes you don’t always get the best reception depending on your Bluetooth but it is a free app. Now if you tested it and really like it you can buy it for one dollar and it will do stereo audio.

bt mono..

So  BT mono  is not working for you. Well you can always try Mono BT router. Is another free app but it does not have an upgrade to stereo and it is similar to BT mono.


The next one is called Soundabout now this app here has quite a few different options and has a trail period of pro features. I would say this is more for the advanced user. You can go pro with it and get stereo sound too and it has a lot of other options for you too.


Now you have to pick the best Bluetooth rerouting app for your phone. The next application you may want to pick up is one of my favorite apps called SMS headphones.


Now this is a text to speech app. So if you’re like me you can’t always get to your phone. This application will read all Incoming text messages for you. So when you have the Bluetooth routing app on. It will stop playing the music for a few seconds and read you your text message and it will go straight to your Bluetooth headset.  Then your music will continue to play or whatever audio you are listening to. So these are some great free applications for your Bluetooth headset. I love my headphones but I do like to be wireless when I’m on the go. So I hope this helps anybody looking for some great applications for their Bluetooth and wireless audio.

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