PSVita: Gameboy & Gameboy Color bubble maker

About a week ago the Gameboy & Gameboy Color “one game” bubbles were released. Since this is the first release we wanted to see how well they worked for everyone and if there were any problems with them. Surprisingly we haven’t had one single report other than requests for more bubbles and how could you make them yourself. So instead of making more bubbles lalalanno has put together an easy to use GB/GBC bubble maker.gbgbc-bubble-makergbgbc-bubble-maker1

Once you download and unzip it, you need to place the GB/GBC bubble maker folder in the root of your C: directory. You will also need to download PSDK3v3 then put that in the C: directory. This is so it can put everything together in a nice vpk file for you.

Download: GB/GBC bubble maker 

Download: PSDK3v3

Now you are going to have to read the prompts as they will tell you what to do. Once you are done customizing your bubble hit setup.gbgbc-bubble-maker2

Go to the PSDK3v3 folder that you downloaded and put in the C: directory like the GB/GBC bubble maker folder. Just like in the picture below go to C:/PSDK3V3-master/MinGW/msys/1.0 and you will see the msys.bat file you need to run.


Once you double click on the msys.bat file you will get a little DOS like Box command line.gbgbc-bubble-maker5Follow the steps on the next prompt to make the vpk file.gbgbc-bubble-maker3

If you followed all the steps, you will see it make your GB/GBC vpk file. The vpk file it makes will be in the GB/GBC studio folder in your C: directory and it will be in the MakeHere folder. Now simply copy the vpk files to your vita and you can install it with molecularshell or vitashell using HENkaku. gbgbc-bubble-maker6

We hope you all enjoy customizing backgrounds and making any Gameboy & Gameboy color bubbles on your PSVita or PSTV.2016-10-07-173104

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  1. Haha this comes out the day after I sorted this myself. But thanks a lot for the help.

  2. will this work with gba games?

  3. Are you telling me that the ps vita have an internal gb emulator??
    Or is it calling to retroarch or similar??

  4. One thing I don’t understand is Mario 3 does not work?

  5. the link is dead for bubble maker -_-

  6. Can I just say that it is not a DOS-box command line Mr author. The PSDKv3 is closer to a Linux shell; I’m sure that it uses recompiled Linux tools for windows.

    • True and I know that, but what do you think most people that do not mess with any kind of programming or new to this stuff would call it. So I try to make everything as easy and simple for everyone to understand as I know most people have seen Dos window/box on their PC before. Keep it simple so everyone can understand it.

  7. Is there a way to change the controls?

    I prefer to have X as A and [] as B.

    Thanks for this nonetheless

  8. Hello. It is not working! After I write “cd c:/” then “cd gbgbcstudio” then “cd makehere” then “make”, it is error. I have PSDKv3 and minGW64.exe (not msys.bat) !!! HELP !!! 🙁 Gameboy games was Tetris, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2.

    My computer has Windows 7 64-bit.