VTS Toymaker The Dark Zone Agent Figurine Pre-order Available Now


Toymaker VTS are currently working on a fully customisable Tom Clancy’s The Division Darkzone Agent.

The figurine is titled VM-017 The Darkzone Agent which stands 12 inches (30 cm) tall, at 1/6th scale, and it is one of the most detailed statues you could probably get your hands on.

Customization includes a pretty extensive list which includes: action narrow shoulders body, one pair of sole (feet), tactical gloves x3, real life head sculpt.

Costume: cap, leather jacket, pants, hoodie, BDU belt, boots, body armor.

Weapons: Eotch 551, G17 pistol, G17 mag x 2+1, shotgun shell x4, c-more, grenade, tomahawk axe, silencer, rail vertical grip, rear sight, front sights, tactical sling, kriss vector 10-rd mag x2, kriss vector 60-rd mag x 2 +1.

Accessories: one pair arm pouch, backpack, drop leg kriss vector mag pouch, drop leg pistol holster, G17 mag pouch x2, one pair of knee pad, LED headlamp, descender, transceiver, watch, medical aid bag, HSG aid bag, carabiner x3, climbing rope, weapons catch, hazardous dump pouch, G2 flashlight, G2 flashlight speed holster, pistol mag pouch, ID patch x4, GP pouch, shotgun shell catch and figure stand.

The sheer authenticity and attention to detail indicated in the pictures provided is astounding when being compared to many officially licensed Ubisoft merchandise. Don’t get me wrong, Ubisoft make stellar figurines like the Far Cry 4 Pagan Min: King of Kyrat and Assassin’s Creed IV Edward Kenway Figurine with a lot of attention to detail in clothing, gear and weapons. The most prominent issue I find myself having with most figurines is how they don’t look anything like their models when it comes to their faces.

The VM-017 figure looks identical to the default Dark Zone agent that you see being showcased in the main cinematic trailer. Even when characters are shown in a cinematic trailer in a Ubisoft game, they seldom look like how they were depicted in the trailer.

Nevertheless, since there aren’t any officially licensed Division statues, the VTS Dark Zone agent action figure is one I would undeniably opt for, considering it’s only £100, you are definitely getting value for your money.


The Darkzone Agent is now available for pre-order for $146/£100 until May 19 and will start shipping Q4 this year.





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