PS1 Bubbles for the PSVita are released by TheFlow

Earlier this week we gave you the details about The Flow’s PS1 bubble’s and today he as released them for everyone to enjoy for FW3.52 and below. Like mentioned in our last article, you will need to own at least one PS1 game to make these bubble’s and be able to use the email hack as these bubbles are like the rebirth bubbles.

ps1 bubble spiderman

Just like the rebirth bubbles, you will have to dump and sign them but TheFlow has made a simple homebrew that runs in epsp called dumper (so you need to have TN-V only in your Vita for dumper to work) and a PS1 signer that you run on the PC in command prompt.



TheFlow’s PSone Loader:

“PSone Loader is a software which allows you to run PSone classic games from the PS Vita Livearea (custom PSone bubbles). It does support custom as well as official PSone games. This software is made of 3 components: The DUMPER, which does dump the PSP and KIRK headers of the ‘simple’ module (DATA.PSP) that is required for the SIGNER program. The SIGNER, which does inject the fake signed custom ‘simple’ module into a PSone game converted as ‘EBOOT.PBP’. The LOADER, which does patch the pops module in order to allow custom converted PSone games and to bypass license verification of offical PSone games.”

“The method of custom PSone bubbles does not have the ‘Settings’ menu which is used to configure screen mode, button assignments, disc change, etc. However the structure of the configuration file ‘__sce_menuinfo’ has been documented at ‘include/pops_config.h’. Therefore, it is possible to write a PC app that can do the configuration for your PSone games.”

Now for installing PS1 bubbles on the PSVita, we have put together a tutorial on our guide but we really haven’t had a chance to play with the new PS1 bubbles yet as they were just released. So if you see something that’s wrong in our guide please don’t hesitate to say something to us in the comments below, on Twitter or email us.

If you are on FW3.52 and want to use the PS1 dumper (since its TN-V only), plus make PS1 bubbles you can use Smokes psp-installer to write in the game folder again. WARNING: This wipes out your GAME folder! Make backups before using this!

Download: psp-installer 

Download: PSone Loader & Dumper + Tutorial


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  1. Does this work if i’m on 3.55 if I have TN-V and ARK working perfectly?

  2. So while someone decides to make this app to get “Options” for the PS1 bubbles, is there a way to manually modify the options for each game without using the menu?

  3. Btw, you can also do config this way: Configure in a PSone game which has Settings then copy __sce_menuinfo from that game to your custom game’s folder. This can be pre-configured and be shared with others

  4. This is great! I’ve been waiting ages for this. I’ll try it on my PSTV!

  5. Is there any way to get this to work through TN-X? I’m still on 3.18 and don’t want to give up my flawless emulation.

    • Personally, I’d stick with TN-X since it’s pretty simple to use. My PSTV is at 3.18 and I’m not shifting it from that because it’s pretty stable at that FW.

    • You can go this on 3.18fw if you want to just need to put Ark or TN-V on it but I agree I wouldn’t leave 3.18FW or 3.20FW as this new way is not the easiest to do.

  6. start dumper on tn-v – error “0x80010002 dumping base headers” and exit to xmb, and ARK crash application error “c1-2858-3”.
    Vita Fat, 3.51.

  7. Very nice. Now to wait on that exploit for 3.57.

  8. Error “0x80010002 on TNV Ps vita Fat 3.52, any solution plz?

    • Did you put the PS1 dumper in the game folder? You have to or you will get a lot of errors and it won’t work.

      • You mean i must install the eboot.Pbp at MS0:/PSP/GAME/DUMPER/ with psp-installer???? I was using game2vhbl path psp/vhbl/DUMPER.

        • I modified the dumper with hex editor, so it can read eboot.ps1 instead of eboot.pbp, plus game2vhbl it worked, now after install the eboot at pspemu/savedata/psvx00000 got e-ffffffff error, any solution, (3.52)

          • re-do it the whole process over and try using TN-V instead. But most of the time its the game not signed right or the game save. Next it could be the app.db but some of the time its just eh game needs to be re signed.

  9. I tried this with a an EBOOT.PBP I made from a Japanese PS1 game using Simple Popstation GUI. When I launch the bubble, it hangs at the warning screen for awhile, then I get error “E-ffffffff”. My Vita is running 3.36.

  10. I have a fully functional MGS PS1 bubble to go along with my MGS HD Collection, hats off. I was reluctant to buy MGS again on PSN because I still have access to TNX.

  11. I’m sorry but it seems this only works on the psvita as I tried everything to get it to work on the pstv but it won’t work..

  12. I have 3.52 and the root is already a file called EBOOT.PBP that apparently has to do with the hack or TNV ark or because I can not delete or do anything with and therefore I can not copy the file my original PSX game for dump 🙁

  13. I am on 3.52 TNV11 and I cannot get PSPFiler to work. I have done everything up to that point, but cannot open PSPFiler to move the Eboot.

    Anyone have any luck getting PSPFiler running on TNV11 3.52 Firmware?

  14. When I try to launch PSPFiler in TNV11 on my 3.52 Vita, I just get an error.

  15. How are people getting past the point where you have to create a \PSP\GAME\GameID folder? I’m on 3.36 which can’t write to that location. Psp-Installer? Does that permanently create the SCUSXXXXX folder I want in \PSP\GAME\ and can I freely move EBOOTs in and out of it? Read somewhere that the limitation on 3.36+ is only on creating folders – or is that bogus?

    • I have one unit on 3.35FW and still able to write in the game folder and yes 3.36 can write in the game folder but I know 3.50 can’t. Now I have problems with pspfiler as it won’t move or write in the game folder so I use vitaftp to do all the work.. The other way to bypass the can’t write in the game folder is to use rejuvenate and vitashell or use psp-installer.

      • I wasn’t able to write at all in the GAME folder on 3.36. Tried VitaFTP rename trick, tried PSPFiler… you name it.

    • Nvm. Finally was able to create the folders I wanted via VitaShell and thankfully stuff can be moved in/out of those folders without issue. PSP-Installer didn’t work as Vita kept asking for update when downloading update for a game (Update Blocker didn’t help). Took a whole weekend -________-

  16. a question I hopefully can help (I’m in 3.52, PS Vita Fat) In order to dump the Eboot game psx have to move the Eboot to ms0:. / But there already have a eboot file and can not delete it and tried all possible ways, said eboot weighs 251 kb and opened with pspbrew and says it’s something the hack Poolhallpro obviously no use since I have bubble tnv and the ark, know any way to delete it or to dump in another location ? example ms0: / newfolder ???

  17. Ok, I can get everything to work, up to the point of using PSPInstaller (I am on 3.52). I have a signed Eboot, I have everything set up, but I need to install the signed Eboot properly and on 3.52 you can only use PSPInstaller.

    I get everything set up, I start a game update, then I activate the 2 PSP Installer email files, and when I resume the update on the vita game, it never resumes the download to be the appropriate size (approx 5000kb or whatever). My update just resumes normally and I get stuck at that step.

    I wish someone could create a tutorial on 3.52 on how to do all this. I cannot find any video tutorials for PSPInstaller, or PSOne Loader for 3.52.

    • Same problem here

    • Well if you can get the psp-installer to just make a folder for the custom ps1 eboot, then use Ark2 bubble to move the custom ebooot file to the folder you made with psp-installer. I’ll ask the stuff it they have had any issues with it.

      • PSPInstaller doesn’t appear to be making any folders in GAME folder for me to move the eboot into. There aren’t any real good PSPInstaller tutorials out there. I have copied The Flows, and a couple on Youtube, it never works.

        I have also never seen a PSPInstaller Tutorial that was using the 3.52 firmware. It is supposed to work on 3.52, but I haven’t seen anyone that actually has had it work on 3.52.

        • me too, im in 3.52 and nothing working for mi 🙁

          • psp installer works at 3.52 the problem is not if you are doing a good job as the bubbles for PSX never worked for me even doing all tutorials at the foot of a letter is more do not even e seen any comment from someone with 3.52 have running PSX bubbles .. 🙁

          • Yep, then I agree. I haven’t tried to make ANY bubbles with PSP Installer except for PS1 Bubbles on 3.52. I just dont think this tutorial will really work with 3.52, especially if PS1 bubbles aren’t working with PSP Installer.