3DS: Is sysUpdater 0.4.2b worth it to downgrade??

Let me begin by stating we are here for providing information to help you out and not lead in a troublesome situation. Many people are quick to release rushed tutorials without properly testing everything or give all the precautions needed. The chances of one person having all variations of 3ds systems is highly unlikely. I doubt any tutorial maker will take the time to troubleshoot your particular issue.  What may work for an individual may not be your case. I cannot recommend anyone try this method and risk you losing your hard earned investment. I urge everyone to wait for an official method to downgrade. Instead lets focus on the worst case scenarios and let yourself decide if sysUpdater 0.4.2b is worth it.

3DS SysUpdater

For those of you that watched Smea’s, Derrek’s and Pluto’s 3DS Talk you may know that they announced a few exploits for both the 3DS & N3DS and now the first Homebrews are beginning to use the exploits mentioned in the Talk. Earlier today a first and UNSTABLE Build of SysUpdater appeared that allows users to downgrade from Firmware 10.3 and below to downgrade to 9.2 and below. SysUpdater UNINSTALLS THE ENTIRE FIRMWARE before it starts installing any of the CIA files. That means that if the downgrade fails early on it will not have installed enough of the system firmware for even recovery mode to work and you will be left with a BRICK. That means even one hiccup and your screwed!! Not long after, we have several users posting their unfortunate events and with some details on their scenarios. There are many active threads and I have complied all the info needed. Some even bolder users have started a thread for N3DS users trying this exact method.



@Harvest God: Shut down his 3DS on “Getting CIA Information”.
@Mai Heroes: N3DS. Installed CIA files for O3DS on an N3DS.
@VanFinale: Had a Japan N3DS and didn’t delete 000400102002CA00.cia.
@sampson: cause is unknown, apparently a crash occured.
@Ryuzaki_MrL: Shut down his 3DS on “Getting CIA Information”. (Not a proper brick, he can’t use recovery mode and eShop and System Settings are gone.)
@theholycabbage: 2DS. A CIA install failed. Cause is unknown.
@BlindEdict: N3DS. Installed CIA files for O3DS on an N3DS.
@bjt: EU 10.3 N3DS, menuhax 2.1. Shut down his 3DS after staying on the “Rebooting” SysUpdater screen for 10+ minutes.


Even tho some users were successful downgrading they had some unusual results.

@Minnow: Downgraded with 9.2 CIAs, but he ended up with a 9.1 system.
@Theswweet: 10.3 O3DS. Downgraded with 9.2 CIAs, but he ended up with a 9.0 system.


But the fun doesn’t stop there 🙂 You risk chance of having duplicate applications and applications refusing to run at all. Then you have to resort to using dirty installing to fix your Frankenstein FW. Theres no telling how future updates, features and etc will be affected by all this. Depending on your entry point your using, you may even fail booting sysUpdater or during the process. Many users are getting inconsistent results and that by itself  is more than enough to show you the stability of the application.

I hope this Post helped you decide whether to wait or downgrade your 3DS now. The rest is up to you and if your feeling brave you can find the tutorial here.

Team Hackinformer signing out


Source: GBATemp

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  1. Most of these bricks seem to be user error not sysupdater expect for two.I downgraded successfully by using the correct 9.2 files. Those users who had weird results might have downloaded the wrong files or might had there files corrupted. That’s what I think.

    • Hackinformer also failed to mention that sysupdater has been partially updated to only uninstall/reinstall one .cia at a time to decrease the chances of a full brick, but yes 90% of the problems are user errors either they get a bad FW batch or they mess up by getting the FW for the wrong 3DS version or region, that’s not to say sysupdater is 100% safe though as it does apparently sometimes crash but the new version should be more reliable.

  2. The problem is “CULTURE”, people don’t read entire tutorial. Thats the problem.

  3. Worked for me used browserhaxs

  4. ive done it on two n3ds and both downgrades and rxtools intalls were perfect. people just dont like reading these days and depend on youtube for everything

  5. Huh, I found myself jumping between 9.2 and 10.3 several times. Never got a brick.

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