Libretro (RetroArch) on Nintendo 3DS

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The Libretro team has been working very hard to bring you Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulators. Thats right new emulators to try out on the 3DS of yours!!! 🙂 At the moment these emulators are experimental, but have a very promising future in the homebrew scene of the 3DS. Below I have included all the files you need to get started.



[MD/SG/SMS/GG/MDCD] Retroarch Genesis Plus GX v.1.7.4!v5BWBRRS!kBJ3VV1gu-QJGPQTiQz7cVhqPaoH2KP3ysij9rC2V4w


[GBA] Retroarch gPSP 0.9.1!T4ol2a6T!zF1OCzoDAf3OXd1RfMxiF7f46cOEU8dSCiXdh6gm_CI


[GBC] Retroarch Gambatte 0.5.0!elpCzSwD!wZLGKmMEdnCgPogAXq-UZxZS2ftB-aO8aVZUeOh5J48


Have fun and lets get our retro gaming on!

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  1. so how exactly do you get tehse to work on your 3ds