Alienation! New game from Housemarque looks like Dead Nation on STEROIDS!!!


Hello peoples! It seems our friends at Housemarque, the creators of Outland, Super Stardust, Resogun and Dead Nation, have outdone themselves once again. They have come to the plate with an amazing new game called Alienation! It looks to be a Top-Down shooter of sorts or a SHMUP.


You can play solo or go at it with your friends annihalating aliens all day and night.There is some really cool graphics and more explosions than you can imagine. They are going to have lots of grenades, lots of smoke and pretty much all the aliens you can kill!


From what I have read they are going to have the ability to “Go Rogue” during a co-op game. Does that mean there will be clans/factions where you will belong to one and could turn on them like espionage?

Does it simply mean you can turn on your friends and decide to take them out? Well, that remains to be seen.


This game was revealed at Gamescom press breifing in 2014. I wasn’t very active in the scene then so I didn’t notice it. The more I have researched Housemarque, the more I love their production. Dead Nation was the first of their games I had the pleasure of playing. I finished it and, after getting my PS4, found Resogun. Played it and loved it. It wasn’t until I became active in the scene that I realized Housemarque created both of them. I did a little digging and found Super Stardust. What an awesome shooter! Flying around planets blasting all kinds of things is my cup of tea! So, keep an eye out for new on this one because it’s gonna be a great game!!!!



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