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Total_Noob’s last update for TN-V



Total_Noob has just updated TN-V to TN-V8. He has added a few fixes like NoDRM crash in Firmware below 1.80 and has fixed the bug where pspfiler didn’t work without any plugins activated. You can download it here, but I suggest you to download it from XMB, as you’ll see a pretty updater using VLF by Dark_AleX! This will be his last update for TN-V.

[Donation] * All Total_Noob’s works is voluntary and non-profit. But if you want to support him you can donate a small amount of money.


Changelog of TN-V8
* Added Inferno Driver by Coldbird.
* Added in-XMB FTP feature.
* Fixed NoDRM crash in FW’s below 1.80.
* Fixed bug where PSPFiler didn’t work without any plugins activated.

Have fun! Total_Noob


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