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How to install a VHBL Bubble without any exploitgame
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logo   How to install a VHBL Bubble without any exploitgame

Working for Firmwares: All

PlayStationTV compatible: Yes

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 5-10 min

Credits: qwikrazor87, Mr.Gas, Major_Tom

  • VHBL_pboot_unrestricted.zip (570KB)
  • any PSP Game/Demo installed
  • a registered e-mail account on your Vita (fail-mail)
  • yifanlu's psvimgtools (backup-editing)
  • CMA / QCMA

  • Note: Your 'basegame' will be replaced by the VHBL bubble and thus not be useable anymore!

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    Note: Make a CMA backup of your Basegame first!

    Step 1: Download and copy the savegame

    1) Download the VHBL_pboot_unrestricted.zip archive if you haven't already and extract it.

    2) The first thing to do is move the whole VHBL01234 folder to Documents/PSAVEDATA/xxxxxxxxxxx/..


    ..and transfer the savegame to the Vita via your favourite CMA program.


    Step 2: Installing the PBOOT.PBP file

    Fail-Mail trick - for firmware(s) 3.00 - 3.52

    Backup Editing - for ALL firmware(s)

    vhbl bubble

    Done! :)

    Alternatively: Video Tutorial by HackinformerTV via youtube

    FAQ & Troubleshooting

    How is the compatability to homebrews?!

    It should be the best compatability that is possible.

    My Bubble didn't change!?

    It can be everything. Start over again.

    Can I install a different Menu?

    Yes just update the VHBL01234 folder and recopy it to the Vita.

    My e-mail shows a [?] instead of the photo symbol?!

    Try resetting the Vita's mail account or resend the mail.

    Last updated:
    July 4, 2018