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MemoryCard Dumper


This method of fully dumping the Vita's Memory Card (ux0:/) makes use of a custom PBOOT.PBP with tweaked parameters. This trick should work for every firmware below 3.55!

The basic trick is, that the content of your memory card will be temporary copied into the PSPEMU part from where you can manually access it. Thats why you need at least twice the space of your used memory being free!


Download: PBOOT_dump.PBP

by Major_Tom & Mr.Gas

Tutorials & Guides Compilation

[Tutorial] How to dump the Vita's memory Card (ux0:) (1.00 - 3.52)

[Tutorial] How to dump the Vita's memory Card (ux0:) (3.00 - 3.52)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this corrupt my Memory Card?

There are no reports as of yet.

Why does it say 'Bowling' and looks like Arcade Darts?

Why not?

I get an error WHILE transfering?!

It can be everything. Only formating and starting from scratch helps.

I get an error BEFORE transfering back?!

Make sure there is no /temp/ folder in the PSPEMU

Last updated:
November 28, 2017