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How to fully customize PSP/Vita Bubbles
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logo   How to fully customize PSP/Vita Bubbles

Working for Firmwares: All

PlayStationTV compatible: Yes

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: /

Credits: Mr.Gas, Major_Tom

  • DB Browser for SQLite 3.7.0
  • a registered e-mail account on your Vita (fail-mail)
  • yifanlu's psvimgtools (backup-editing)
  • FileZilla (HENkaku)
  • CustomizationSavegame.zip

  • Note: All methods are temporary and you will need to restart the whole process after a database rebuild.

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    0) If you haven't started your game after for example a database rebuild, open it once. (When 'Please wait' is displayed the game will be 'registered' in the app.db)

    Step 1: Dumping your app.db file

    Depending on your firmware there are different ways to do this:

    Fail-Mail trick - for firmware(s) 3.00 - 3.52

    HENkaku - for firmware 3.60

    Backup Editing - for ALL firmware(s)

    Step 2: Preparing a customization savegame

    To make use of our custom icons, backgrounds, startups and whatsoever, we would need to install them somewhere on the Vita first. Because its hard to maintain files via the mail trick, the easiest and best way is to create and use a PSP Savegame! This way we can easily manage, re-edit if needed and copy our resources via QCMA without any complicated tricks.



    Inside our Customization savegame we can now create subfolders for each of our bubbles and keep the name 'icon0.png' multiple times for example.

    e.g: ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/CUSTOMIZATION/vhbl/icon0.png

    Option 1: Rename any Bubble

    Option 2: Customizing the Bubble Icon (icon0.png)

    Option 3: Customizing the launcher area (bg0.png & launcher.png)

    Option 4: Adding a custom 'bootscreen' (pic0.png) to PSP games

    Option 5: Adding custom frames to the PSP launcher area

    ★ Wiki: Some information about xml modifications and the basics

    Step 3: (Re)Installing the modified app.db file

    Fail-Mail trick - for firmware(s) 3.00 - 3.52

    HENkaku - for firmware 3.60

    Backup Editing - for ALL firmware(s)

    Restart your Vita and your changes should be applied! Done!

    FAQ & Troubleshooting

    My database auto-rebuilds after rebooting?!

    Somehow your app.db got corrupted. Restart from scratch :/

    My background/icon is just grey?!

    Check the path or dimension of your png.

    My e-mail shows a [?] instead of the photo symbol?!

    Try resetting the mail account on the Vita and resend the mail.

    Last updated:
    July 4, 2018