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PS Vita : FIFA 18 MOD (Final) is here!

Hello! Remember modder @jesus_sdiaz? He released different mods for the FIFA on PS Vita, like FIFA 17, and a previous version of FIFA 18. Well, he decided to release yet another one! In this case the final version of this MOD, and the last one too (ūüė≠ūüė≠)..¬† I talked with …

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Yifan Hints at HENkaku Update & a little more.

Well everyone the¬†HENkaku craze is not stopping and @yifanlu¬†is bring us even more. It seems in the light of¬†HENkaku being installed on 30k different systems now we will be getting an update and¬†Dynarec support (which means¬†better¬†emulation¬†support)¬†, plus something fun for those of us looking under the hood. HENkaku has 30k …

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