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Pac-Man is turning 35 today! Congratulations!

With Pac-Man’s 35th birthday happening today it seems the whole world is offering birthday wishes to our wonderful little yellow friend. All over the internet today all sorts of things are helping us relive the arcade legend’s glory days. The pages that I found of great interest today is the …

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Week In Review: 4-19 4-25 Exploits, PSP love, and a dash of fighting!

week in review

Hey everyone! It’s that time again… the Week in Review!! We had a good week here at Hackinformer. There were exploit releases, a blast from the past and a PS4 Firmware update that took a nice little treat away from us. Also do you like Mortal Kombat X? SO DO WE!!!!! Well …

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Support charity and get some awesome games!!

Gamers rejoice!! We can now get some awesome PC games and help out in the process through The Humble Origin Bundle 2! That’s right, I said you can get great games and contribute to charity. It doesn’t end there though. YOU GET TO PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Yep, as of right …

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The $5 Dollar Dock for the Gamestick

This is what you get with the Gamestick dock, it delivers complete connectivity with one Ethernet port for fast internet access, as well as two USB ports (one in the front and the other one at the rear). So you’re free to upgrade your gaming with microphones, cameras, gesture recognition …

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7 Media Apps that work great on The GameStick

Hello everyone, it’s Riddle43 back again to share with you 7 media apps that will make your GameStick even more useful for your living room. You can find these Apps on the Google play store or Google Play Store alternatives here at the android-market 1. Netflix     As we all know …

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GameStick to share PlayStation 4 launch date

Looking back through the GameStick news and the word delay seems to be a frequent occurrence. And well, having said that, it looks like the GameStick is suffering yet another small delay. While we could consider it nothing more than another in a series of delays, this time around the …

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