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PSVita/PSTV Homebrew

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PSVita/PSP Homebrew Games

Here is a list of PSP/Vita homebrew games enjoy! If you don’t feel like downloading one at time, here is our super pack of homebrew games. Download: Super pack  15Puzzle_eCFW.rar 1945TheWarIsNow_eCFW.rar 3G_eCFW.rar  8out_eCFW.rar  ABoyAndHisDog_eCFW.rar  AcademicAid_eCFW.rar  aiTetris_eCFW.rar AlexTheAligator4 (Color)_eCFW.rar  AlphaTris v2.0_eCFW.rar  Angband v3.0.9_eCFW.rar  AnotherSillyTetrisClone v1_eCFW.rar  AntiNibbles_eCFW.rar  AntiTetris_eCFW.rar  AOTM v0.4_eCFW.rar  AsciiAttackersFromHell_eCFW.rar  Asteroids_eCFW.rar …

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First Atari Emulator for the PSVita native Hack “Rejuvenate”


Just when you thought the native Vita hack “Rejuvenate” progress has slowed down on homebrew and emulator porting or remakes it hasn’t. Developer frangar was able to successfully port over Atari Lynx emulator seen in the tweet below. HandyVITA first working version. https://t.co/UzNyOPyDAd Thanks to @yifanlu@173210@xerpi@psxdev and all #PSP2SDKpic.twitter.com/mfVuGL4yEJ — frangar (@frangar) July …

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