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Frist look at the Stargate 3DS Flashcart

A few weeks ago we talked about another flash cart for the 3DS that popped up (really late in the game) called the Stargate 3DS. Now the Stargate 3DS does have an impressive set of features and compatible with all console models and versions. This includes the N2DSXL as well, not only that but also NDS with …

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Nintendo releases FW11.6 for the 3DS

UPDATE: New information on Flipnote 3DS added, see below Nintendo has released FW11.6 for all regions of the 3ds system. It’s the typical “system stability” within its changelog and it seems that they have only blocked the Flipnote app forcing you to update it. “Further improvements to overall system stability …

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Stargate 3DS Coming September 2017!!

Another flash card contender for the 3DS has apparently entered the ring, its called the Stargate 3DS! Who is bringing this to us and why now in a time where CFW can fill most if not all of our needs, also why does it look so damn familiar? Stargate 3DS does …

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