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E-Mail Trick - Basic File Operations


With the following tricks you will be able to dump, write and delete files from and to the Vita's internal Filesystem. All you need is the E-Mail app and a registered e-mail account.

This trick is working for Firmwares 3.00 to 3.52 only!

But before you proceed make sure to set up the Vita's mail account once.

Dumping files from EVERYWHERE

This trick is once again a support_uri call which needs to be called from withhin the e-mail app just like with the pkg installer.

The URI call consists of 3 parts: (support_uri + location of file + a dot at the end)



Note: We however are limited to 2MB of filesize and you can't dump files located far more than 7 directories!

Addon: How to dump files in FW 3.55

Writing files (except RO partitions, e.g: vs0)

To write a file to the Vita's filesystem you need to create a new e-mail on your PC and set the path you want the file to be installed as subject.

The actual file you want to write needs to be renamed to #0 (without any file-ending) and set as attachment. Send it to your Vita!


And if everything did work you should see a camera symbol. Touch it and DO NOT click OK on the appearing Error Message but simply close the e-mail app completely!

emailapp_writefile emailapp_writefile

Note: You can't create folders this way! If the path is incorrect you will recieve a different error.

Delete files in ux0: (MemoryCard)

This one is as simple as using the eml trick to replace a file but actually click ok on the appearing error message this time! :D

Delete files in other partitions (except RO partitions, e.g: vs0)

Tutorial will follow soon..

Tutorials & Guides Compilation

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Download: EML File Generator 0.4


Download: EML File Generator 0.1

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this corrupt my Memory Card?

Possibly yes. Be careful with what you do!

My e-mail shows a [?] instead of the photo symbol?!

Try resetting the Vita's mail account or resend the mail.

But the e-mail app is present since FW 2.00, why doesn't it work for 2.02 for example?

Some essential changes were made in firmware 3.00

Last updated:
November 28, 2017