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PS1 Loader by Total_Noob, qwikrazor87, Acid_Snake


The PSOneLoader is the product of the work of 3 people and alot time and effort! After Acid_Snake and qwikrazor87 found an exploit in a PS1 game they contacted Total_Noob to make a CFW for it. And short time after that he came up with this simple Loader which lets you play all your favourite PS1 Games with perfect sound emulation!

Sadly all this was part of a big leak and no further development was made for some time. To use this you will need to buy and download either Tekken 2 or XS Moto/Sports Superbike 2 and run on FW 3.18.

Tutorials & Guides Compilation

[HowTo] Using the PS1 Exploits (via wololo.net)

[Tutorial] Convert PSX ISO to EBOOT (via hackinformer.com)


Savegame files:

[FW 3.18] Tekken2_PSOneLoader_EU.rar

[FW 3.18] Tekken2_PSOneLoader_US.rar

[FW 3.18] Tekken2_PSOneLoader_JP.rar

(To trigger the exploit select Survival mode and lose the match)

[FW 3.18] XSMoto_PSOneLoader_US

[FW 3.18] SportsSuperbike2_PSOneLoader_EU

(To trigger the exploit load the save via the options and start a 2 player race)

PS1 Homebrew:

imbNES v1.3.3 (NES Emulator)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install new Games?

Exactly as you would do in TN-V. Check out this Video!

What do I do if a PS1 Game has multiple discs?

Press the Home Button till the menu pops up and swap discs.

Is there a way to install TN-X as a bubble, too?

Sadly no.

Last updated:
November 28, 2017