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The Nintendo Terminology:

Is the result of messing up the firmware files which in the end stops the device from booting properly. Some bricks can be restored by Hardware methods.

Shortterm for "Blue Screen of Death" and shows up when the System crashes to display error codes and debug info.

Shortterm for "Custom Firmware" which is a modified version of the original firmware with additional features.

Shortterm for "custom IOS" and is a custom piece of software that is used by some applications that work with unofficial content. By installing it, you can for example use Backup Loaders and install unofficial channels to your Wii menu. Every cIOS uses an official IOS by Nintendo as its base.

Shortterm for "Command Line Interface". A CLI program has to be used through the command prompt or terminal.

Dump / dumping
Describes the process of creating software backups of for example your firmware (NAND-Dump) or even physical games.

Shortterm for "Emulated NAND" and is located on your SD card or HDD to have a brick-safe second firmware for messing around with and EShop access for example.

An Exploit lets you execute your own code due to a vulnerability in the source code. Depending on the level of the exploit you have different permissions and access to the system.

  • Userland Exploit - In Games and System Apps

  • Webkit Exploit - In the devices Webbrowser (often sandboxed)

  • Kernel Exploit - In the actual firmware (Also known as kxploit)

    Is an open source tool for installing .CIA files to the HomeMenu.

    Is the Operating System of the device which can be updated and typically identifiable by a number.

    Shortterm for "Graphical User Interface" and basically means the graphical frontend of your system software on the screen. "Counterpart to CLI".

    Are hardware modifications to your system which in the end lets you for example access the devices NAND from external Devices.

    Are programms and games made by third party developers. They are not officially created programms and not meant to run on the system.

    Shortterm for "Modular IOS" (acronym unconfirmed) is a special type of IOS that is used for GameCube games.

    Are small Hardware addons to your system to for example overwrite some system checks and allow region free Games to be played.

    Is the internal chip where your firmware, the OS, is stored.

    Shortterm for "Nintendo Network ID" and describes you EShop account which can be shared between your Nintendo Devices.

    Simply differntiates the Old 3DS systems (2DS, 3DS and XL models) from the New 3DS systems (new 3DS & new 3DS XL) as their Hardware allows different hacks in some cases.

    Shortterm for "Read only memory" but colloquial describes a software backup of a cartridge game in this case.

    Shortterm for "System NAND" and describes the chip where your firmware, the OS, is stored.


    File format for homebrew/commercial titles meant to be installed to flash cartridges. These can only be used if you install them to a physical flashcart or convert them to a CIA first.

    File format for homebrew meant to be launched using the Homebrew Launcher. These can only be launched via Homebrew Launcher and cannot be installed to the HomeMenu.

    Describe installable titles of for example commercial games or even homebrews, which can be installed to the homemenu of your 3DS system.

    Executable and Linking Format. A fairly standard executable format in general. Often homebrew for different consoles is written in this format.


    A package of software that can be installed on the Wii.