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Nintendo GameCube (2001)

· Playing Backups possible: Yes

· Homebrews/Emulators available: Yes

· Region free solution(s): Yes

Hacking an older console like the GameCube isn't comparable to modern consoles, as those older generation devices didn't run any firmware like we know today but were basically playing all games on bare metal. Therefore everything hacking related is somehow hardware based and the only way to 'hack' a GameCube. For you this unfortunately means to buy some piece of hardware which can be quite expensive and rare nowadays.

Here are the available options for your GameCube:


By installing one of the available mod-chips like XenoGC, Viper, Wiikey Fusion, etc. you can play region-free discs but more importantly backups and load homebrew through burned DVDs or even from the MemoryCard / a Harddisk.

See all ModChips


Using Action Replay Loader, SDMedia Launcher or the Phantasy Star Online exploit gives you an entrypoint to run unsigned code and you can load your homebrew or play backups. Between these three methods, the Sd Media Launcher is the easiest solution and comes with an SDGecko-like adapter to easily connect to a PC and install new content. The most famous Homebrew is Swiss, which aims to be an all-in-one homebrew utility and can launch Homebrews & Backups from various locations.

Action Replay Loader
sdmedialauncher_logo.png MaxDrive.png
MaxDrive Pro
(region free)

Note: After having access to one of these entrypoints you will need to decide from where your content will be loaded. The transfer rate will differ and affect the loading time! So make sure to check here for all mediums to play backups from with all its pros and cons!

Game Exploits

And last but not least we have the 'classic' game exploits. Phantasy Star Online (mentioned above) never was as popular as the other disc-methods since it needs a Broadband adapter to work. In 2016 (yes 10 years later) developer FIX94 backported parts of the legendary Twilight Hack to the original GameCube games. (Unfortunately this needs you to own a hacked Wii first before being able to make use of it on a GameCube)


PhantasyStar Online
(needs Broadband Adapter)

Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda: The Wind Waker

And for any other questions check out the very well documented GC-Forever Wiki!