Nintendo Switch: Long awaited PSP emulation now available!

Today it has finally arrived, Retroarch developer M4xw has released the PPSSPP core for the Nintendo Switch! What is this PPSSPP core? Well, it allows us to play PSP games on the Nintendo Switch via Retroarch! This started out as a patreon release, but M4xw decided to release it to the public.

Now, this is only a beta release and will gain improvements over time but PSP titles such as Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories have already been shown to run full speed. Developer M4xw is the same gentleman that worked on the N64 emulator for the Switch and the Dynarec Recompiler that allows us to run some N64 games at full speed on stock CPU without the need to overclock.

The developer also stressed that to achieve great emulation performance, it is vital to run Atmosphere and use title re-direction to access the full ram of the Nintendo Switch. This is the only CFW he suggests when running demanding cores such as Mupen64-next (N64) and PPSSPP (PSP) cores. The latest Atmosphere automatically grants us title re-direction, once installed all you have to do is hold R button when launching any app or NSP title.

This is very exciting news and by the looks of it, the Switch might become the number one go-to platform for Homebrew and Emulation. If you are interested in more M4xw releases, you can follow him on twitter or go to his patreon website and purchase tier plans. This will grant you exclusive releases to homebrew and other goodies that are not yet released to the public.

If you interested in downloading this release, make sure you get the latest Retroarch nightly and add the new PPSSPP core to the folder.


M4xw patreon site

Retroarch Nightlies


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