Nintendo Switch FW Update 7.0.0 is out & could block CFW!!

Nintendo Switch FW Update 7.0.0 is out and it could block all CFW as of now, DO NOT UPDATE to 7.0.0 if you like to keep using CFW.

Just as always its always better to be safe than sorry and just wait for the dev’s to figure out what Nintendo has done to try and block them. Now, this could take a while to crack open but probably not as these devs are so clever at bypassing Nintendo Switch security nowadays. So be patient and wait for the ok to update to 7.0.0 if you like using CFW on the Switch.


As I wrote this post, not even more than 2mins have gone by and they have already cracked FW 7.0.0. Now, all we have to do is wait for the CFW updates to start popping up before updating to FW7.0.0 but do not update until you see that new CFW has been released for FW7.0.0.


Once again do not update to 7.0.0 make sure you turn on airplane mode or use a DNS so you don’t accidentally update!

DNS Configuration:

Note that these DNS servers will need to be set on each network you connect your device to for it to block updates!

  1. Launch System Settings
  2. Navigate to Internet -> Internet Settings
  3. Select your current network
    • This is signified by a green check mark next to the network
  4. Select “Change Settings”
  5. Set “DNS Settings” to “Manual”
  6. Set “Primary DNS” to
  7. Set “Secondary DNS” to
  8. Save the network settings
  9. Exit System Settings

How to Delete the Update Data that’s stuck in your Switch.

  • Power off your device
  • Power on your device while holding (Power) + (Volume Up) + (Volume Down)
  • Do not select any of the options
  • Any downloaded update data has been deleted from your system just by entering this menu

Press (Power) to power off your device updates are now blocked on your device for the configured netw

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