Transfer Files to the PC or Nintendo Switch via NXUSB

Developer ischeinkman has been working on basic file transfer to & from the Switch via USB C cable. It’s still a WIP as it can be very slow to transfer file and sometimes it can screw up the transfer.Nintendo Switch

To use NXUSB download the nxusb_server.nro and put it on your micro SD card like any other homebrew you use.

Run nxusb_server.nro on the switch and connect it to the PC via USB C. Then use a client to transfer files to the PC or Switch via cargo build -p client and the –push and –pull command.

“At the moment, the client executable is called simply client, so it’s what will be used, although this may change in the future.”

Download: nxusb_server.nro



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  1. What program do I use on the PC to transfer the files?

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