[Release] FIFA Classic World Cup (MOD)

It’s been a while since we talked about the developer (@jesus_sdiaz) if you don’t remember him, he creates MODS for FIFA games, for the PSVITA or PSTV. Today after many months he brings us a new version: FIFA Classic World Cup MOD Edition.

This version is about international tournaments from FIFA, this version comes with the following teams from tournaments:

  • FIFA World Cups (from 1970 up to 2018).
  • FIFA Confederations Cup (from 2001 up to 2017)
  • UEFA EURO Cups (from 2000 up to 2016)

And of course, it comes with some fantasy teams, like for example:


  • URRS (2014)
  • SFR Yugoslavia (92,98,2014,2016)
  • FIFA Ballon d’Or
  • All Time XI

The game comes with more than 1800 faces, includes all minikits and teams from every tournament. You can play some friendly matches and create your own tournaments. KEEP IN MIND that you can’t play career mode (it crashes and it can’t be played for obvious reasons).

How to install FIFA Classic World Cup MOD?

  1. Only works in Henkaku, Enso, H-Encore.
  2. Download (click here) and decompress with 7-ZIP.
  3. Copy to mai folder in ux0.
  4. Install via Maidump Tool.
  5. Enjoy it!

If you want to uninstall it:

  1. Connect the PS VITA via USB and delete the game’s folder (ux0:app/PCSB00600)
  2. Delete the bubble from livearea.

Other considerations

  • The game comes in English and Spanish languages.
  • The game has a weight of 2.9 GB (Compressed).
  • You need at least 4.6 GB to install it.

Stay tuned, ASAP there will be another great MOD, thanks to him.

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