How to download Video Content directly to the PSVita

On the PS Vita, there has been a wide range of Emulators, utilities, and plugins. But there is one thing that has been missing on the Ps Vita beautiful screen- Access to Movie Content! Yes, there was the Netflix app for the Vita, but Sony stopped supporting the app and pulled it from the PlayStation storeĀ a while back.

For a long time now I wanted to have a device that not only allows you to play games but also Movies, even if you on the train or waiting in the doctor’s office the Vita is a great tool to play movies on especially if you have the Oled versionšŸ˜‰. Well through extensive browsing and reading up on forums, I discovered an old trick that has been around for a while called the “Google index trick”.

What this trick does is it allows you to find any movie file you want and download it directly to the PS Vita! No pop-up ads included! The format, of course, has to be in mp4 format, also you may have to install the download enabler plugin from the Flow to use this feature.


To download a movie, open up the google browser and type this in the search bar, in the beginning, where it says the movie name is where you would put the title at:

Movie NameĀ -inurl:(htm/html/php/pls/txt) intitle:index.of ā€œlast modifiedā€ (mp4/wma/aac/avi)

A whole bunch of links will come up but the second link is usually the one you need!
Once you see the mp4 file of the movie you want, it will then download and go directly into the video app after it finishes, simple! If you are going to be using this trick on a daily basis then it is best to bookmark it! If you discovered another method of getting movies on the vita through the browser, then let us know in the comments or on Twitter

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