E3 2018-EA Press Conference

In 2018, E3 is getting kicked off right with a press conference from EA. For the uninitiated, EA usually doles out updates to their sports titles, their first-person shooters, and occasionally cutesy platformers like Unravel. Let’s talk about the specifics of everything that they just announced!E3 2018

  • Battlefield V-Multiplayer was shown off in greater detail. Gameplay was shown to us after a short intro video showing off some playable characters. They explained new gameplay mechanics. Fences can be moved, used, or destroyed. You can jump through windows if you need to get outside without needing doors. Characters can be customized not just for gameplay enhancements but also just for looks if you’d like. They re-confirm no loot boxes, no premium passes, release date in October. They announced a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield, they’ll discuss more about that later this year.

  • FIFA 19-There’s another story mode in this FIFA game. They’re adding in UEFA Champions League into the game as requested for years. Improved pitch control this time around. They’ll be showing more gameplay later this year. Not much shown off on stage as it will be playable on the show floor. They talked about an update to FIFA 18 so that the World Cup can be played for. There is a free playable trial of FIFA 18 right now so that you can also play in the World Cup.

  • Cloud Gaming-All games were announced as playable in full HD on multiple devices. They think that this is the way that gaming is heading. They announced Origin Access Premier. The upcoming Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, and loads of already released games will be streaming through Origin. This will be like PS Now and XBOX Game Pass.

  • Star Wars JediFallen Order-The newest game from Respawn takes place when the Jedi’s are being hunted. This is between episodes 3 and 4. The game will be playable on Holiday 2019! You will play as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi during the hunt. That’s all that they let us know for now.

  • Star Wars Battlefront II-They apologized for the progression system. They’ve fixed it as well as the customization. They’ve added new modes. They mentioned that extraction is back in the Solo content that is coming next week. A new squad mode is coming in the coming months. This comes as well as a dogfighting mode. There will also be a command post capturing gameplay in the future. In 2018, Battlefront II will also be coming out with Clone Wars content! The first character announced was General Grievous followed by Obi-wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker!

  • Unravel two-We get a trailer of Yarny in a storm on choppy seas, trying to get his way back to a ship or an island possibly. Yarny loses everything in this game and has to start from scratch. There is another playable character. This is now a co-op multiplayer and it would appear that the 2 characters are required. You can either play 2 players on your own (you control both) or a friend could play. They show off more gameplay footage so that you can see that it flows seamlessly and the co-op doesn’t break up the gameplay. There are noticeable gameplay enhancements. The biggest of which being wall jumping. They finish off with a trailer to solidify the good feelings and vibes that the game is supposed to give. Unravel Two is released today, you can download it now!

  • Sea of Solitude-S.O.S. is a game where when humans get lonely, they turn into monsters. It’s an indie game about loneliness. The gameplay is about trying to get the humans to turn back into that from their monsterhood. Gameplay isn’t shown, but we do get a trailer. The game is coming out in early 2019.

  • NBA Live 19-Streetball is really honed in on in NBA Live 19. The customizations range from shoes, clothes, hats, and more. We got a trailer focusing on a lot of the customizations.

  • Madden 19-They showed a gameplay trailer for Madden 19 and it looks more like a tone piece. There is no talk of new gameplay or features.

  • Command and Conquer Rivals– The franchise has been reworked as a modified RTS game for phones and tablets. The gameplay has a pre-alpha watermark in the corner, implying that it isn’t ready for release yet. So if you see the gameplay, it could change in any of the mechanics or looks. But if you have Android, you can play the pre-alpha that they played on stage. There was a cinematic trailer that shows the same type of stuff.

  • Anthem-A new trailer was shown using in-game footage. They mention a storm that is coming to potentially destroy their small civilization. There are aliens, there is team fighting, there is air, ground, and water traversal as well. They went into a Q&A with some of the Bioware creators. After that, there was a fantastic gameplay trailer and it was more informative than last year’s trailer. February 22nd, 2019 is the official release date for Anthem.

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