Nintendo Switch homebrew exploit source code released!!

Today the Switch scene has blown up with info related to all Nintendo Switch exploits teams have been working on, this is all probably due to the Tegra X1 boot rom leak. Then other sources released the BootROM exploit further known as Fusee Gelee you can find more about that here..

Now that all this is out in the open deveolper Plutoo has released the source code for the 3.0.0 homebrew exploit, which includes the homebrew loader and the python obfuscators for rop, plus the installer.

Since this release, Plutoo has said he is done with the Switch but is he truly done as most of these guys leave and always make some type of come back.

Download: switchbrew/nx-hbexploit300-obf

Do you think this is because of the leaks or do you think he is done and will be moving on like most Security developers? Lets us know in the comments below.

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