When you can’t wait on the Homebrew scene you just DIY a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Homebrew scene has been taking off but like all of them, it’s in slow strides and baby steps, plus needing FW300 doesn’t help when they are getting harder and harder to find. Well, one man couldn’t wait for The Homebrew scene and built his own PiSwitch. With the Raspberry Pi being one of the easiest single board computers to put into any device it’s not surprising that someone would make their own look-alike Nintendo Switch.piSwitch

Now you can do this yourself as he lists everything that you need available to do this. His motivation was a little bit different than just having a Homebrew Switch but in the end, it’s great seeing these types of projects and knowing with a little free time and money you could make one yourself.

You will need:


  • Soldering iron + solder + soldering flux
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • A 3D Printer or $20-$40 and 3dhubs.com
  • A decent micro screwdriver kit
  • A Dremel Tool with a fine bit or a drill with a 3/16th bit
  • Patience


Download: 3D case files

You can find everything else that he did to make this work here.


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