GameBoy Advance emulator now works on the Nintendo Switch

The developers of RetroArch have been working on emulators for the Nintendo Switch and most of us have seen their POC with Secret of Mana using their SNES emulator. Heres the video below if you miss it.

Today they have another emulator working on the Nintendo Switch and it’s the GameBoy Advance. Thanks to NateHaxx, they were able to get the GBA emulator up and running on the Nintendo Switch. This is just another emulator to add to the Nintendo Switch emulator utility belt. lol… Once again this only works with FW 3.0.0, so if you updated you’re out of luck for now and will have to find a console on lower FW or just wait until the next opportunity comes around again.

Right now these are all works in progress and have not been released yet but once they are we will let you know and you can always check RetroArch site here to see if its available to download. So which emulator do you think we will see next on the Switch or which emulator would you like to see next on the Switch, let us know in the comments below.

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