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Official Pre-Order Announcement for the SD2VITA PLUS Adapter

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! The SD2VITA PLUS, that looks just like a Vita cartridge, is now available for pre-order. Order Here.

We’ve teamed up with TurkReno for global sales and Gadorach, an Electronics Engineering Technologist, to bring you the best possible adapter for your PS Vita!

Features of the SD2VITA PLUS

  • Design by Gadorach
  • Gold Plated Board
  • Fully Plastic Encasing (Clear Plastic)
  • HackInformer Branded
  • Works with Firmware 3.60 only
  • Must have HENKaku OR ENSO on the PSVita or PSTV

Order Today.

SD2VITA Plus Inject to Eject PlayStation Vita PlayStation TVThis new adapter has the ability to pop in and pop out of your PlayStation® Vita easily, so you won’t have to worry about the issues with the original board designs that have been around for the past month or so. This means you don’t have to worry about the original’s failure rate, or having to use tweezers to pull it out if you want to play a regular game card.

The SD2VITA PLUS adapter is designed to be close to the PS Vita’s cartridge shape, and has a plastic shell on it to protect both the adapter and your PS Vita from damage and short circuits. So, it looks just like a regular MicroSD to SD Card adapter, but it’s for your PS Vita.

We’re also using much better quality manufacturing techniques to make the SD2VITA PLUS adapter. Unlike many of the cheaper adapters you can find right now that use HASL processes to manufacturer the board, we’ll be using ENIG in the manufacturing. Thanks to this, the adapter will last much longer and will be able to stand up to the stress your Vita puts on the board’s contacts every time you insert it. SD2Vita is the answer. Order Now.

For a quick explanation; HASL, or “Hot Air Solder Leveling”, is what most of the popular SD Card adapters are using. In this process, the board is finished by covering the board in solder, and then using a strong hot air blower to remove as much solder as possible, flattening the surface of the contacts while also protecting the board’s contact points from corrosion. Though this is an effective way to do it for boards that are not going to be put under the stress of being inserted into a connector, it isn’t ideal for anything that’s being put into a spring contact connector, like the one in your PS Vita. This is because Solder is generally a mixture of Lead and Tin, which are both soft metals. Soft metals get worn away quickly in connectors, so they can’t stand up to the stress of multiple insertions. This would quickly leave you with an unusable adapter, and we don’t want you to ever be in that situation.

To fix this, we will be using ENIG, or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold. In this process, The board is submerged in a chemical bath that bonds a thin, strong layer of gold to the board contacts, allowing it to stand up to the wear you’ll be putting on it when you remove or insert the adapter into your console.

Pre-Order and Launch of the SD2VITA PLUS

We told everyone this adapter would be coming soon, but we had to be very quiet about it while we worked out how best to get these into your hands and make the best SD2VITA product enhancement possible.

Today here at HackInformer, we’re going to open our pre-order form for the first official batch of SD2VITA PLUS adapters to the public!

We’ve teamed up with TurkReno to provide a launch date of November 16th, 2017 and they’ve allowed us to sell through Amazon if you’d rather purchase through Amazon. The first batch is guaranteed. Order today using the form below or this page to order through us. If you are having problems processing your order, are reviewing alternative methods for payment now.

About hackinformer

I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. Ordered three! You guys rock! Grateful for the chance to support you guys <3

  2. Put in an order for one.
    Currently using a PSFR33DOM adapter which certainly works but is basically non-removable.
    Can give the old one to a friend or something, probably.

  3. Awesome!, but I can’t get one because nothing comes to Argentina. I love get one, and also get a PSIO adapter to my fat PS1… it’s maddening see a lot of cool stuff and you can’t have… ( – _ -)

  4. Awesomeness! Just ordered 2 of these! Thank you ^.^

  5. Just ordered one even though I don’t yet own a PSVita lol Used to, miss it and my N3DSXL isn’t cutting it for me anymore lol

    Thanks for this killer product and thank you for your service. Please keep up the good work

  6. Got One, Thanks for the chance to purchase a quality product and support a great site

  7. 15usd?… Idk but I just bought three in my place and only cost me 13usd in total 😮

  8. I would order… But I believe 15 USD for international shipping is outrageous… And I’ve been selling stuff on eBay and doing international orders for months now..
    Something like this, from USA to my country will cost around 4~5 USD for shipping, if not less in untracked mail…
    Manage to do the 4 USD shipping for me, and I’ll buy one.

    • hackinformer

      They are fair rates that USPS give us. You can see for yourself here..

      • You should consider listing the SD2VITA PLUS on eBay after the first batches are made and shipped out. I sold an item that was obviously larger than the SD2VITA PLUS via eBay’s international shipping program, and only paid about $2.60 for shipping to a US based address (even though my buyer was in New Zealand).

        I don’t know how much my buyer paid for shipping, but I would imagine eBay offered him a fairly competitive rate compared to what it would have cost me to ship to him directly.

      • Deleting my posts is always good isn’t it Hackinformer?
        Why? Because i’m stating the obvious? That you are ripping off people with the shipping costs?

        Here’s the info that was deleted:

        Hackinformer is charging 15 USD for international shipping.
        I bought a SD2Vita AND a 64GB microSD card from Modsiah, from the USA, both different packages, and paid 2.50 USD shipping for each.

        If he could send me these from Minnesota for 2,50 USD each (and I can prove this, I can post screenshot from eBay order), I believe you can also do worldwide shipping for a much lower price than 15 USD…

        I can tell you even more.
        The envelope I received came with this stamp:

        Global: The Moon
        2 Stamp Formats | International $1.15

        In 2016, the U.S. Postal Service® introduces The Moon, a new Forever® international rate stamp.

        Issued at the $1.15 price, this Global Forever® stamp can be used to mail a one-ounce letter to any country to which First-Class Mail International® service is available. As with all Global Forever® stamps, this stamp will have a postage value equivalent to the price of a single-piece First-Class Mail International® first ounce machinable letter in effect at the time of use. To distinguish this stamp from other Forever stamps, the shape of the international stamp is round and bears the words “Global Forever.”

        What that said, basically, is that you can ship one of these adapters to me using one stamp of these, for just 1.15 USD….
        I believe the adapter won’t be heavier than 1 ounce a.k.a. 28 grams?

        • Dude, if your not happy with the price just go somewhere else to buy and stop whining. I dont care if they make some extra buck on it because i check this site every day so in a way i also support them this way.
          I also want quality…

  9. Just bought one to my Country, I’m ok with the shipping price so long as it has tracking (packages tend to get stolen without it).

  10. is the pcb a new design by Gadorach? I used Pcdway to make my sdvita cards. is there any difference between them. also can we just but the shell itself?

    • Of course it is. I don’t mean to be condescending, but it’s simply not possible to have a case of this level of sophistication without a PCB redesign. The original PCB design by Gadorach was not built with a case in mind, however that did not stop people from producing their own makeshift cases for it. I also used PCBWay to make my own SD2VITA adapters, but they simply will not fit in this newly designed case.

      And for the record, those “smiley” SD2VITA adapters that have the eject mechanism routed into the PCB itself are junk. Hackinformer previously had a poorly written article that tried to discredit these with very weak arguments (thank god they deleted it), but one argument they didn’t state was the PCB thickness. The entire PCB is significantly thicker than 1.2mm, which is potentially dangerous to use due to the chance of permanently bending the pins inside the PSVita itself too far inward. Bend them too far and you’ll run into connectivity issues with authentic PSVita physical game cartridges.

      This redesign of the SD2VITA pcb (aka SD2VITA PLUS) appears to emulate the specifications of an official game cartridge, and as such does not come with the same risks as these convenient (yet dangerous) “smiley” adapters. And yes I own the “smiley” adapter– I know what I’m talking about. The actual PCB for the SD2VITA PLUS is significantly thinner than Gadorach’s original 1.2mm thickness PCB. I will not pretend to know the actual thickness of the PCB in the SD2VITA PLUS, but it would be impossible to fit it in anything close to an official game cartridge shell UNLESS the PCB was much thinner.

      • Thickness of this design PCB is 0.4mm — and yes, it’s totally different. Different shape, size, and form. As stated, the original SD2VITA adapter wouldn’t work and is too thick to be encased.

  11. This definitely looks to be higher build quality than the current SD2Vita adaptors with a 3d printed she’ll that are currently on eBay, but at $15 versus their asking price of about $2? No thank you. I’ll stick to my current adaptor.

  12. No le podrían bajar el precio para los que compramos desde otros países?

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