The Save Wizard for the PS4: Where is it now?

Save Wizard for PS4Well, guys, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the goings on with the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX and boy do I have some new features to discuss!!! Not only has the list of supported games grown to 264 games, according to their site, with a whopping 19,583 codes but they have essentially rendered the Xploder save resigner useless since you can simply pay a little more and not only be able to resign saves SUCCESSFULLY, but also be able to modify your own saves. Also, the price, along with some of the terms, has changed.Save Wizard for PS4

So, let’s start with the elephant in the room. You are not dreaming. The Save Wizard for PS4 MAX now supports save resigning to any profile that is active on your Save Wizard. Now the save you are using DOES NOT have to come from one of these profiles. So you can get one off the web or use your buddy’s save. It’s a very cool idea that was present on the PS3 version of the save editor and has now been added to this one. The process is quite simple. You just need to have a save in a “.zip” format on your PC and tell it which profile you want to resign it to while the USB stick is plugged in and it will essentially “inject” the save into your USB along with resigning it to your profile. It doesn’t work the other way around though so your thoughts of modding your friend’s save and resigning it back to their PS4 won’t work.

Save Wizard for PS4

Now, for the  other elephant in the room, which DOES NOT affect current owners of the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, is the price has gone up to $59.99 USD and you may have 3 PSN ID’s active at any one time and also 3 PC clients active. This means that in theory you could have two friends go in with you on one copy of the program and it will only cost you $20. The other big thing is that they have now removed the 24-month subscription service. This means it’s a lifetime purchase just like the PS3 version which I think is honestly the best way to go. I saw a ton of complaints about the subscription service so it seems they did indeed listen to you guys.

As for the games that have been added the list continues to grow. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin was added along with Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age which got support about a week after launch. There were some complaining about that game getting support over other older games but Final Fantasy is most likely one of the most requested games that they get so they know if a new one comes out it will need to take priority. Final Fantasy 15 has been hit and miss with some things working and some things not but that’s to be expected since the game is so big and as complex, as it is. To be honest I would rather they have left it off and devoted that server to make things a little faster

Final Fantasy 15 has been hit and miss with some things working and some things not but that’s to be expected since the game is so big and as complex, as it is. To be honest I would rather they have left it off and devoted that server to make things a little faster on all other games. However, that’s just my opinion and I’m sure it’s a minority opinion at best. There were also quite a few Assassin’s Creed games added recently; Black Flag, Unity, Syndicate and The Ezio Collection.

Save Wizard for PS4

It seems there has been a lot of complaints about certain regions being added first and some games taking precedence over others, why hasn’t this or that game been added bc it was requested way before the ones that were just released. The simple fact is we don’t own the company that produces this device and we can’t do what they can otherwise we would be selling our own save editor.

Complaining and ranting on every single Facebook post or Tweet that the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX puts out serves no purpose other than to piss off the ones running the page since most of the time the page admins aren’t even doing any work on games. I know there are a lot of you out there that truly love this product as much as I do and are excited to continue to see more and more games added. They make suggestions when they see fit and let that be that. So if you’re one that does love the work being done just drop by their Twitter @ps4savewizard or their Facebook page Save Wizard Facebook and let them know how much you love their product and that you support them because we all know people are much faster to complain than to praise.

I suppose I’m gonna sign off on that so thanks for reading and as always KEEP ON PRAISING THE SUN!!!!

To pick up your Save Wizard for PS4 MAX visit their website HERE!

For support or to find answers to your questions feel free to visit our Save Wizard section on the forums right here at Hackinformer!!!

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever support a company selling software on a console that should otherwise be free…

    • Efraim the Rabbit

      I suppose when you create a save editor for the PS4 you can make that decision but seeing as how there aren’t any other save editors I would say it’s not easy and took a lot of time and hard work from multiple people so they can charge or give away their work if they like. But then again that’s just my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong and you should get to dictate what someone does with their work.

    • I would support it. I would much rather support it than not have it at all, wouldn’t you?

      Fact of the matter is, save editors and other miscellaneous PC utilities used to manipulate game console files are becoming rarer and rarer in this current generation of console gaming. Xbox One for example JUST got a save editor, and I don’t even consider it anywhere as complete as this one.

      Besides, with this “pay wall” up in place, it will take a little longer for Sony to get around to patching it… If that’s their way of thinking, it’s a way of thinking I can agree on.

      You get what you pay for, but occasionally we get treated with freebies. Don’t let the freebies spoil you too much.

  2. I cant seem to access the forum anymore. It’s giving me a Error 502 Bad Gateway problem.

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