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GBA: EZ-Flash IV Kernel 2.02 & 2.03 released

Hay everybody, The EZ-FLASH IV team has released two new kernel updates that offer some awesome new improvements. For anyone that doesn’t know, the EZ-FLASH IV is a GBA Flash cart that has many features you can read our full review here and now they have given us a few more.

EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.02

We added GLOBAL SOFTRESET AND SLEEP(GSS) patch and customized hotkey configuration file.

default softreset key combination is “L + UP + B”, default sleep key combination is “L + R + START”, default wake up key combination is “START + SELECT”.

Some games can not apply the GSS patch properly, you can use “L+B” to launch them without GSS patch.

If you want to set your own hotkey combination, there is a file named “KEYSET.CFG” in the EZ4Kernel 2.02 package. please check it out. This file must placed in the root of SD card.

We also made a quick tutorial at here

Jump to download

Credits: @kuwanger Thanks for the softreset and sleep hack code.

EZ-FLASH IV kernel 2.03 released

We added GSS switch and individual game GSS switch in KEYSET.CFG, modify the file with your necessary.

Grab it here download

we also improved GSS compatibility with a lot games. The list number may not match your game list.
//0241 – Planet Monsters(US)
//0314 – Planet Monsters(EU)
//0338 – Casper(EU)
//0500 – Kong – The Animated Series(EU)
//0549 – V.I.P.(EU)
//0643 – Motoracer Advance(EU)
//0685 – Bionicle – Matoran Adventures(UE)
//0843 – Inspector Gadget Racing(EU)
//0854 – Digimon – Battle Spirit(US)
//1056 – Dragon Ball Z – The Legacy of Gu II(EU)
//1085 – Dragon Ball Z – The Legacy of Gu II(US)
//1133 – Digimon – Battle Spirit(EU)
//1591 – Dragon Ball Z – The Legacy of Gu II International(JP)
//1646 – Dragon Ball Z – Buu’s Fury(US)
//1915 – Kong – The Animated Series(US)
//2079 – Dragon Ball GT – Transformation(US)
//2117 – Casper(US)
//2242 – Hello Kitty – Happy Party Pals(US)
//2305 – Hello Kitty – Happy Party Pals(EU)
//2472 – 2 Games in 1 – Dragon Ball Z – Buu’s Fury + Dragon Ball GT – Transformation(US)
//2487 – My Little Pony – Crystal Princess – The Runaway Rainbow(US)
//2597 – Tonka – On the Job(US)
//2602 – Motoracer Advance(US)
//2627 – Hello Kitty – Happy Party Pals(EU)

The issue which adding data to the end of rom even GSS disabled also fixed.

The quick tutorial was packed into the release package.

Now this is some awesome work from a team that really has made one hell of a GBA Flash cart!

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.


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