ArkFast adds the ability to clone PSP Bubbles

Team ONELua updated their ArkFast Homebrew which previously allowed you to easily install ARK to any of your PSP Games that you have on your Vita. With the new version, this can now also install a new PSP Mini with ARK preinstalled and clone your existing PSP Bubbles.

So how do I use this?
First, you need a PSVita on 3.60 running Henkaku.
1. Download the latest version of ArkFast and install it on your Vita.
2. Open ArkFast. You will be greeted with the Main Menu which will allow you to install a PSP Basegame with ARK preinstalled, Clone PSP Games and Install ARK.

If you already have a Basegame to clone or install ARK to you can skip right to Step 4.

3. To install a Basegame with ARK preinstalled press “start” to install the basegame. Confirm that you want to install the basegame and wait until it says to you that it’s finished and your Vita needs to be rebooted

Press “X” and wait until your Vita restarted. Wait until it installed your new ARK Bubble and then load Henkaku again.

You can now use your newly created ARK Bubble. This new Bubble will only work as long as Henkaku is running since you don’t have a valid license for it.

4. If you want to create clone bubbles now just open ArkFast again. Go to the Game you want to clone and then press “[]” to clone it

Just confirm and wait until it asks you if you want to delete the pboot.pbp if there was one. If ARK was installed to the basegame you should definitely choose “Yes”.

If that’s done it will now tell you that it needs to reboot again. This will rebuild your App.db. After the reboot you’ll now see your newly created Clone Bubble on your Livearea. If you want more clone Bubbles just do this again.

And that’s it. Thanks to this it’s really easy now to Install ARK and clone PSP Game Bubbles on 3.60 without the need to do it manually.

Source: gdljjrod

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