PSVita: Easy Installer updated for Adrenaline-2 by Freakler

The Adrenaline EasyInstaller app has become one of our most popular homebrew with over 100,000 downloads and that not counting other sites that may have it on their server. With this Homebrew, you can install and uninstall Adrenaline as well as the custom LiveArea theme very easily.

Adrenaline Easy Installer

Now with Adrenaline-2 you have to manually install it which isn’t a problem for most users but some people just need that extra little help and that is where Freakler easy installer comes in hand.


Well, today we got Adrenaline-2 and Freakler has quickly updated this easy-installer. He will add the updated code for Adrenaline-2 code later. This is just to make things even easier for you to install Adrenaline-2.

Adrenaline Easy Installer


UPDATE FIX: EasyInstaller_v1061.vpk
Mirror UPDATE FIX: Easey-installer

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  1. Looking good so far.

  2. If I have Adrenaline v1 installed, what would be the steps to update to Adrenaline v2? Just install this vpk and I”m good?

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