Samsung Files Patent For An Off The Wall New Phone!

Well it seems that exploding phones cant keep Samsung down. Samsung just filed patents for a new folding smartphone that is sure to turn some heads and just maybe change the way we see phones and tablets in the future.


The device may also have a second screen, more then likely on the outside, that’s activated when it’s folded shut, according to the rumors. The screen even has a “semiautomatic” powered folding action as one of the options.

Samsung has stated in the past to be working on OLED smartphones with bendable screens so this just may be there first realistic attempt at that idea.

Samsung has played with this idea in the past back in 2013 they showed something similar to this idea with a flexible Youm display and with Lenovo playing with the idea of a smartphone that bends around your wrist we may not be to far from this.

Here is a shot of what the flexible Youm display looked like in 2013.


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