Steam running on the PS4 with Arch Linux

It was just a matter of time before someone got steam running on the PS4 with FW1.76 and Linux. Now this video was posted almost a month ago before  brought it to my attention today. OsirisX is using Arch Linux distro and to get Steam working, “you’ll need to compile and install BOTH 64bit and 32bit patched Radeon libs from fail0verflow“, according to his youtube description.

You can find these patches for this on GitHub, here’s what the readme has to say about this.

PS4 Linux userspace patches

These are some trivial patches to libdrm, mesa, and xf86-video-ati that are
required to use 3D acceleration with the PlayStation 4 APU (Liverpool).
They mostly just add the PCI ID required and a new chip type with the
correct settings.

LLVM could be patched too, but we don't really know what the optimal code
generation settings are, so for now it's easier to just pretend it's
Bonaire and leave LLVM alone.

Since the patches are trivial, it doesn't make much sense to fork all the
original source repos, hence the standalone diffs. Our intent is to get
these upstreamed once performance and functionality are better verified.

Download: /ps4-radeon-patches

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