Cobra Blackfin is back and ready to go this time

It looks like Cobra has actually completed the Blackfin that they have been so tight lipped about.  This blogger received an email sent out to journalists in the field letting us know that the unit has gone to retailers.cobra_blackfin-1024x576

We have just uploaded the BlackFin software (v1.0) and the BlackFin user manual (v1.00) to our website at:

This completes the BlackFin launch, and the Vita revolution has begun….

The product is available to ship to resellers immediately!

We will be sending out review samples to relevant sites over the next few days.


Team Cobra


After seeing these wholesale sites with access to units that only support up to 3.51 we would like to see this thing in action.  This blogger is wondering if those wholesale units just need an update to function on 3.57.  After all, it has been in the back of our minds for almost a year.


It is a revolutionary product that allows you to share your games with friends by using an online auth server.  There are a few different units included with the shipment, including a Bluetooth module for your PC, a USB interface for hosting your game cards for auth, and the physical game cart used for the emulation.

As of right now, the Blackfin only support firmware up to 3.57.  Cobra has mentioned that they are working on FW3.60 and not to update your Vita if you are planning on getting one of these.

What are your thoughts on the Blackfin?  Will you be getting one?  Let us know how well it works if you are satisfied, and how easy it is to use in the comments.


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