dlclose exploit for PS4 updated to enable dev menu!

Hey, its riddle43 here with news on the PS4 hacking scene.  The other day Cturt updated the dlclose exploit and enabled the PS4 debug menu thanks to  for the info.800px-Debug_Settings_Menu_03

Now this is only possible if you can run the dlclose exploit, which means you must be on firmware 1.76 or lower.
What is awesome with this is that the PS4 debug settings gives access to additional tools that can be useful to hackers & modders alike.800px-Package_Installer_Menu_01

Some of these settings are interesting like boot parameters to check the console’s health,package installer which has been in use on the PS3 and PSVita alike, also some of these settings are neat in learning how the system works, like Region Setting, In-Game Commerce Debug, and NP Environment, in turn, could help in the way forward to a CFW for the PS4!800px-Debug_Settings_Menu_01

The debug settings are usually only for game developers that Sony gives to let them develop their games on commonly known as devkit systems and are not available to the general public,and offer additional options for the development teams working on up and coming games, so it’s very useful to hackers trying to understand how the PS4 OS works on an internal level.

It is uncertain if the settings with this hack offer the full range of the debug options but with what has been seen so far its a good bet that there is much more than meets the eye here.
I for one see great things on the horizon for the PS4 hacking scene and I hope that all the dreams of us gamers will be fulfilled due to the hard work of the hackers.

If you happen to be on FW 1.76 you can download the PS4 dlclose exploit Here, you will need to compile it with the PS4 SDK yourself but anything worth having is worth working for.

Thanks for reading and as always keep doing it for the love of the game! You can find out more at the psdevwiki.



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