Lost Neo Geo game discovered in the wild

A few weeks ago Brian Hargrove (NeoTurfMasta) found unpublished game inside a developer board with flash cards included for NEO GEO. Now it took him quite bit of work to extract the rom from the flash card as they have small batteries in them and only have about a 3yr lifespan. Once he got everything dumped he was able to see the game data and a test menu he never saw before. Now he has given the rom to Haze to make it available for everyone to use on Mame but word on when it will be released.

According to Takumi Matsumae (aka Coin),” an artist that formerly worked at a small game dev studio Toy Pops to do pixels, revealed that the game was being developed by FACE and his company was outsourced for the project, himself being one of the staff that worked on it. The game was eventually canceled, and to his recollection its tentative name as Dragon’s Heaven. Matsumae’s current artworks can be seen on Pixiv.

Kouji Ogata, a former Technos graphics developer, has confirmed Matsumae’s assumptions that former Technos developers may have been involved in the game. A number of ex-Technos staff moved to FACE after their company disbanded and launched the fighting game project. Ogata still has connections with Kengo Asai, former R&D division head at FACE.

You can found out more about Brian Hargrove (NeoTurfMasta) find here..



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